Omnilert: Changing the Face of Emergency Communications

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Ara Bagdasarian, Co-Founder & CEO
Imagine a company is under lockdown. Typically, during such unexpected events, the firm’s incident response team alerts every employee about the situation manually. This whole process of signaling an alarm, emailing the staff, posting on social media, and informing authorities is arduous and time-consuming, which one can’t afford during an emergency. The need of the hour is a quick and proactive communication solution that not only helps organizations avoid additional damage during an incident but also better control the situation by alerting employees and response teams to act fast to ensure safety and security. This is precisely what Virginia-based Omnilert, a multimodal mass notification system provider, brings to the table. “We offer a suite of cloud-based emergency notification and critical communication solutions that help organizations respond to unexpected incidents quickly, in a matter of just seconds,” says Ara Bagdasarian, co-founder and CEO of Omnilert.

For example, during a lockdown, Omnilert’s system is capable of immediately sending a text notification and phone call to an employee’s mobile phone and an email regarding the lockdown. Their computer screens then switch to a full-screen desktop alert. A split second later, posts go up on all social media to warn the surrounding community, and a call to the local emergency and safety department is initiated. The message received on every employee’s mobile phone can provide them detailed instructions on where to find shelter and how to secure the surroundings.

“In today’s era where there is a steep rise in crises such as an unplanned outage, active shooter, or inclement weather, getting the right information to the right people at the right time is extremely important,” notes Bagdasarian. This is where Omnilert’s forte lies. The firm provides a purpose-built, comprehensive emergency communication solution that transforms the way safety leaders communicate with their people to rapidly disseminate critical information, automate emergency communications, accelerate emergency response, ensure business continuity, and recover quickly from a crisis. “Our purpose-built emergency notification system aligns perfectly with an organization’s emergency response and action plan strategies and meets their need for speed and reliability,” adds Bagdasarian.

According to Bagdasarian, there are three core factors that every safety leader needs to consider during an emergency—notifying people, mobilizing resources, and collaborating with crisis communication teams.

Our purpose-built emergency notification system aligns perfectly with an organization’s emergency response and action plan strategies and meets their need for speed and reliability

“What that includes is, how quick the team can notify the different employees with instructions relevant to them, how fast they can mobilize first responder resources, and how rapidly they can establish a unified command to collaborate on the further steps of the incident with the emergency response teams,” explains Bagdasarian. Omnilert does this job by maximizing an alert’s reach and hastening messages to all intended audience with the highest possible speed.

One of the factors that truly differentiate Omnilert’s offerings from the other emergency response solutions is their Scenarios® management tools, which allows organizations to pre-plan complex sequences of responses to common emergencies and later activate it accordingly with a single click. “In an emergency, time is critical and Scenarios makes it easy to respond quickly because responses to common incidents are carefully planned ahead of time,” informs Bagdasarian.

Today, businesses in several significant industries use Omnilert’s technology and solutions to address their emergency needs and challenges. Advancing into the future, Omnilert is working on expanding its current solutions portfolio to offer customers much better situational awareness and quicker response to mass incidents. A major plan includes incorporating connected detection sensors (think weather, gun-shot sensors) to its Scenarios suite. “Our ultimate mission is to equip safety leaders and the emergency response team with our technology and transform them into real-world superheroes,” concludes Bagdasarian. “We believe nobody deserves to be injured or killed because of lack of information and that is the reason we do what we do.”


Leesburg, VA

Ara Bagdasarian, Co-Founder & CEO

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